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Paul Y

If HLA plugin exports methods "get_config" and "set_config" then Logic GUI shall show cog button near to HLA which brings settings dialog.

get_config shall return dict of configuration parameters, where each parameter has "label", "type", "description", "value" and optionally "items".

Type can be "bool", "int", "float", "str", "list".

set_config will accept same object with updated "value" for each parameter.
for example:
'param1' :
{ 'label': 'Param 1',
'type': 'bool',
'desc' : 'This is very important checkbox'
{ 'label': 'Param 2',
'type': 'list',
'desc' : 'Select from the list',
'items': { 'value1' : 'Magic value 1', 'value2' : 'Magic value 2'}


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Rani Horev

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