Trigger View Support for More Analyzers


Currently, custom analyzers are currently not supported by Trigger View. This includes analyzers that are still formatted as "frame v1."

The main reason is because our Trigger View currently relies on a new low level analyzer framing format that we call "frame v2." Only a handful of analyzers support "frame v2" at the moment, and these are the analyzers that work with Trigger View. HLAs attached to these analyzers are also supported. Namely, the analyzers listed below:


Activity Newest / Oldest



The trigger capability makes this very powerful.
That is I have I2C channel and I would like to trigger on address IC say 70.
It would be very nice to be able to have IF THEN ON clauses. eg Trigger on I2C address 70 and THEN address 68 RESET trigger, and ON timeout 4 seconds stop capture.
This would enable me to look for IC on address 70 freezing the bus.



"I have written a custom analyzer to interpret Dshot signals. This was based on the SampleAnalyzer project (with the Analyzer2 class) and appears to work correctly. At least is identifies the 16 bits of a frame, tests the checksum, and displays the correct 11bit value (as a number) above each frame in the display.
However, when I turn on the Trigger view in Logic 2.3.27, select my Dshot analyzer and supply a specific Query value (usually 48, but I have tried several others), it doesn’t seem to trigger. As I record a session, it reports a Live Trigger in the bottom left and in the bottom right it always says ‘Looking for first trigger’ despite reporting 48 as the frame value multiple times in the recording.

What is wrong here? Is Protocol Triggering even possible with custom_analyzers? It’s identifying the frame values. Is something else needed to allow it to trigger? Do I need to set an additional member or make a specific call to allow triggering?

Beyond that, will it only trigger on a pattern match? Or can you apply some Boolean logic? For example, I would like it to trigger on any value above 48."