Truncate or Control display of digits for Analyzer results



See attached screenshots.

It would be a quality-of-life improvement for the LIN analyzer if data hex representation was 8-bit, like the data being sent on the bus. It seems like now the data is represented in the native format of the system, in my case 64 bits. This adds a lot of noise and wastes horizontal screen space.

I assume this would be a minor change, easily implemented.

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This this a bit trickier than we would like. Technically we could just change the internal representation from integer to byte array to fix this, but that could break any high level analyzers that depend on the existing LIN analyzer data format.

This is a high priority for the next analyzer / HLA / data table refresh. Currently, we don't store any additional formatting information about the numbers we store - e.g. how many bits should be displayed.

Unfortunately, we can't simply trim leading zeros in this case, due to limitations of the data table indexing system. We need to fix that at the same time as changing the display of any data type.

I can't wait to get started on the next pass on these features, but unfortunately we're just a team of 3 developers at the moment, and can only work on one area of the app at a time.

In the meantime, it would be possible to quickly write a simple python HLA to change the format of this data, either convert it to string or to a shorter byte array, and then hide the original analyzer output from the table.



"Despite using 16 channels, you print values as 64 bit values -- this is very bad to read, even though you seem to zero the top bits.
I'm using the simple parallel analyzer, please adapt your interger size to the channel (either selected channels or maximum channels). Also, that other data (type: data, start and duration) is totally useless."



Hi Joey, thanks for letting us know this issue. I changed the title for your post to help us find this a bit more easily. It looks like other analyzers have a similar issue, so I wanted to keep the title a bit more generic.

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