Provide a method to import external data into Saleae logs


Occasionally I want to view data captured with Saleae along with data captured on other equipment. In the past I have created my own application to integrated data from different sources, but Saleae has not been willing to share their data format (and I'm not interested in dumping the data to a huge file first). So as an alternative, would it be possible to define a data file format so I can add signals to a Saleae log and use the Saleae viewer to see other signals along with the Saleae captures?


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"This is an exploratory question if it is possible through Verilog DPI to send data to Saleae SDK as a "real" signal stimuli for the software.

The goal is to help the Validation Team ( in the flow/steps of IC development ) use the verification environment as a way to make sanity tests in the silicon sample using the code (Verilog/UVM) already developed.

Your software is way better and less convoluted than Cadence Simvision allowing multiple protocols inspections in an easy way."