Measurement selection per measurement


Right now in the measurements view all types of installed measurements are showed.
This drowns the measurement that you are looking for though.
Maybe I am missing something trivial but both the sections about measurements and extensions do not show/talk about configuring measurements:

I can remember that in Logic1 it was possible to select specific types of measurements depending on your needs.
This feels like a very basic feature of the measurements functionality to me:
On a scope you also don't enable all the measurement functions by default.

Right now I am only looking for Hmin, Hmax and maybe Havg (high periods), but:
1) they were not even in the standard measurements.
2) they get drowned in 15 measurements.

So very unclear why a measurement was added.


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Hi @Hans,
We have a new, disabled by default measurement system that we're calling Measurements V2. It's official launch has been postponed due to other projects, but it can be enabled in the software now using a special flag. It adds several new features, including the ability to toggle on and off measurements.

Could you give it a try?


It was postponed because it's a public API that depends on another project before we want to make it an official, supported-for-ever API, but unfortunately it's been waiting for some time now.



Yes, that would work. (maybe clear them all by default?)
So hurry up and finish that other project :P
Let me know when this gets enabled by default, it's a nice improvement.