Markers Automation



- Add/import Markers from a file. The file will contain the marker name (i.e. T0, T1, ..., P0, P1, ...), marker timestamp and marker comment.

- Add Markers thru an extension.


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Thanks for looking into this, Tim! Here are some additional info about the use-case:

- The use-case is for automated testing.
- A single automated test run usually includes multiple test cases. All tests are executed successively in a single shot, called a test flow.
- To analyze the integrity of the signals (voltage waveforms) of all test cases, the waveform is captured (both analog and digital) for all relevant channels and for the whole test flow duration. This is done in a single shot / waveform capture (each test cannot be captured individually due to dependencies).
- In order to identify the individual test cases in the whole capture, there is a dedicated pin/channel which puts out a digital pulse at the beginning of every test case. The time of these digital pulses are then logged with respect to the trigger point of reference (which is the beginning of the test flow).
- Using the time log of the digital pulses, markers are **manually** added to the capture in the Logic 2 app.
- And this is where the feature request comes in: It would be great if it would be possible to be able to add/import markers from a file within the Logic 2 app. The input could be a set of individual time points with labels/description - the time is relative to the trigger point.



Thanks for the idea. Can you let us know a bit about your workflow and how this feature could help in your case?

Since timing markers are generally added after a signal is captured, and usually on specific parts of the signal, it would be good to know if automatically adding timing markers at specific time points (rather than on specific waveform points) would be generally helpful. Would love to hear back!