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Along with being able to change the signal name labels through the automation API and accepting API commands from a remote computer, could you make it where the signals appear in a different order through the automation API instead of manually dragging them?


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Thanks for writing this idea in! Could you share more details on your reasoning for needing this feature?

For example, if you can give us an idea as to how you use our automation API and share more details about your current debugging workflow, that would be helpful!



Our system has over 32 signals in which we monitor during different processes. We mux the signals in to different channels on the saleae 16 pro, but not every signal goes to every channel. Doing this we can get the combination of signals that the user wants to see all at one time, but they are not always in the order that the user prefers to see them in, so it would be nice to be able to channels in the preferred order for them when they choose a certain setup.

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Hi Richard,
When this is happening, is someone actively using the software, is this a hands-off process?
First, if this is to make a manual process simpler, have you tried using presets in the software? They are not configurable from code, but if you're switching between a few static configurations, it could do a good job of this for you right now.
Second, we're really interested in how people want to use automation for hands-on applications. One thing we're considering is offering a new API, which we're thinking of as "macros" that would live inside the app (e.g. extensions) and would let the user basically add features to the app, as well as automate a lot of visual operations, like navigating the display, editing channel labels, order, etc, actually processing the data and adding timing markers & measurements at points of interest, etc. My working idea would be that this is loaded into the app, rather than an external api that connects to a running instance of the app.



Yes. It is a hands-on process. Since you can only use one logic analyze with the Logic 2 software, we have multiple computers each controlling a logic analyzer and the user is remotely controlling all of the Logic 2 applications with the automation API and seeing all of the graphs in real-time with remote desktop.



I forgot to request an automation API command to Fit All Rows to Window Height.