Identify Extension by name and not by path of "extension.json" file


I have saved logic analyzer captures that include some HLAs.

When I share those captures with someone else, or I try to open the same captures in another PC. When I open them, a message error "Failed to create analyzer "MyAnalyzer"; it is not currently installed" appears and the HLA is not loaded, but everything else (channels, signals and Logic 2 factory analyzers) are correctly loaded.

This happens even though the other PC has the same HLA installed. I assume the problem is because the HLA "extension.json" file points to a different path in the other PC.

This is cumbersome as I have to add the HLAs in each PC I open them.

It would be great that the Logic 2 in another PC automatically detects that the HLA name is the same and load it anyway, or at least it would be OK that it let me choose the correct path for the "extension.json" file corresponding to that ICD.

For the time being, how would you recommend practically sharing captures that include HLAs? The use case is many people that have the same HLA and same version, but with a different path name for the "extension.json" file (as it is saved in a different PC of each person).


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Agreed, the current solution makes sharing a big pain.
For marketplace extensions, we should offer an "Install Now" button for any missing marketplace extensions too.