Identify Extension by name and not by path of "extension.json" file


I have saved logic analyzer captures that include some HLAs.

When I share those captures with someone else, or I try to open the same captures in another PC. When I open them, a message error "Failed to create analyzer "MyAnalyzer"; it is not currently installed" appears and the HLA is not loaded, but everything else (channels, signals and Logic 2 factory analyzers) are correctly loaded.

This happens even though the other PC has the same HLA installed. I assume the problem is because the HLA "extension.json" file points to a different path in the other PC.

This is cumbersome as I have to add the HLAs in each PC I open them.

It would be great that the Logic 2 in another PC automatically detects that the HLA name is the same and load it anyway, or at least it would be OK that it let me choose the correct path for the "extension.json" file corresponding to that ICD.

For the time being, how would you recommend practically sharing captures that include HLAs? The use case is many people that have the same HLA and same version, but with a different path name for the "extension.json" file (as it is saved in a different PC of each person).


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Somewhat similar request:
When a saved capture that uses a local HLA is opened, and the HLA has been updated (perhaps with new settings), automatically reload the latest version of the local HLA with default settings. Currently, the HLA will throw an error and will need to be removed and re-added to ensure the setting is properly configured.



"Viewing another user's *.sal file (attached to an issue on github: github.com/acosmith/Saleae_CAN-FD_Analyser/issues/4 -- direct link to file: github.com/acosmith/Saleae_CAN-FD_Analyser/files/8552302/CAN-FD_example_truncated.zip) and get an error:
Failed to create analyzer "SaleaePacketParser"; it is not currently installed.

Confirmed that HLA SaleaePacketParser by Super Enot 1.0.4 is installed from marketplace, but still get the error message.

Looking at *.sal file internals, the 'meta.json' has a user-specific path setting string:

... which means that any save file (*.sal) using a marketplace HLA will NOT be portable to other users (with different local path).

Instead, should use %APPDATA% in the path (or some other 'generic' path string relative to marketplace install location) .. ?

Note: this is observed on Windows version of Logic -- I'm not sure if same/similar problem might exist on other platforms (depending on where marketplace installation is located) ... however, I expect this would make the 'path' problematic when sharing SAL files between MacOS vs. Linux vs. Windows (as the path embedded seems to be platform-specific?)"



I have a suggestion to partially address this issue:

It would be good the following behavior in Logic 2: if the HLA of an imported capture is not found; to let the user choose the correct path for that HAL.
This would cover the case in which 2 PCs have the same HLA but saved in different file paths and try to share captures between them.

What do you think?



"Hi, I have a problem with portability of preset files (*.logic2Preset) and captured data (*.sal) files between my two PC.

I have the two below problems:
1. When I need to load preset on the other machine I have to manually edit the file *.logic2Preset and replace the absolute paths to the extention which I use - without this I cannot load the preset.
2. When I try to open captured data (*.sal file) on another machine the presets will not working (I got messages: Failed to create analyzer ; it is not currently installed.) - despite I have installed on both machines the same Logic2 v2.3.55 and the same.

Is it any way to open captured data on another machine with all presets?"



Agreed, the current solution makes sharing a big pain.
For marketplace extensions, we should offer an "Install Now" button for any missing marketplace extensions too.