Zoom in and screenshot between markers


It would be nice if there was an export option where you could export a certain range of the Signal view (enclosed by two markers) as a graphic file (PNG or SVG).

Rationale: When you have a complicated signal it might be tedious or plain impossible to scale the view to fit onto the screen and reasonably allow for all required details to show. Thus it would be nice to select the range that should be exported and have the software export the display by scrolling the entire range between two markers using the current display settings.

Options for optionally including the left signal indicator area, the timeline and the result of any active analyzers could be some reasonable choices for options to include.

Edit from Saleae: Changed to title to better reflect the idea being discussed


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One thing we are seriously considering is a Marquee zoom (i.e. Zoom in by drag-select).

Is this something you'd be interested in? My assumption here is that, if we implemented marquee zoom, instead of placing 2 timing markers, you would simply draw a rectangular selection box across the range of interest. Afterwards, the software would zoom in accordingly. Then, you would be able to take a screenshot using the keyboard shortcut we provide in the app (not a native screenshot tool, but it launches the OS screenshot tool - for example, on MacOS: Cmd+Shift+5).

This saves you the step of having to create timing markers, unless you mean to use the timing markers for a different purpose as well.