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I'm currently trying to parse the "Export to CSV" output. There are at least 3 different formats:
1.32452, '255', ,
1.32452, Z
1.32452, r
Please, please just put out the hex value for the 2nd parameter. Example:
Instead of:
1.32452, Z
output this instead:
1.32452, 5A, ,

Love your product BTW!


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Rani Horev

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I updated L2 and it is fixed! Thanks!

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Sorry for the trouble with this! Quick note:
1. Change the display radix of the analyzer to HEX before exporting. Then the results will all be displayed in hex with the 0x prefix. We should make this more clear when exporting, we could even just prompt you before starting the export to select a display radix.
2. You're exporting in ASCII mode right now, which is pretty broken for anything other than alpha-numeric characters. We he figured out a solution to fix ASCII mode (difficult to do without breaking the SDK), but it won't help in this case, it will just prevent the fallback from ASCII display to decimal, which is what's happening here.



I was using "Hexidecimal" mode (Analyzer->Async Serial->menu) all along but I tried "AsciiHex" just in case I misunderstood. I tried exporting to *.txt instead of *.csv. Neither attempt made a difference.

What am I doing wrong?