Display /lock multiple pulse widths


If got multiple signals.
When I hover a signal with the mouse, the corresponding pulse width are shown.
It would be helpful, if I could lock this, so that I can add another timing.
With this it would be much more easier to prepare the documentation.

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Hi Tim,
maybe you can lock/unlock the shown information by + left mousboutten, while hovering.
It would be nice if you keep showing the data while zooming.
As addon you can show a vertikal dotted Line over all signals to be sure that the signals belongs to the same time.

I use this to explain special signals in my projects. Different timings are also detected in this way.
If two signals logically belong together, then the corresponding proof must be provided.
The marked points can be different in time.
In my example, I documented on and off times for two signals simultaneously in one image.

Currently "only" with P...shop, which of course takes a lot more time than clicking three times ;)

Kind Regards

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Oh interesting. You're absolutely right --- we currently don't have a way to persist timing measurements in as clean a manner as our "mouse hover" measurements.

Can I know what kind of documentation you are writing up and how you would want your resulting screenshot to look exactly? Feel free to share a rough drawing of it or edit your screenshot as well if you think that will help communicate your intention.