New trigger mode - Repeat triggering after hit. (Save all triggered captures.)


1. Waiting for trigger.(Showing waveform in realtime like now. including pre/post capture after trigger.)
2. When trigger hit, capture/save/show.(save waveform with sequence number or current date, time.)
3. Go to #1 until stop.

It will enable to capture the last trigger for overnight testing.
I used to run overnight testing for the one happens very rarely.
The use case is that if it rarely and randomly crashes then it won't generate the next triggering condition. So, we can see the last moment of signals which caused the crash next morning.

But, with current trigger mode in Saleae, none of mode support for this situation.
I am not sure if Automation API can do it or not.
Anyway, my suggestion is how about to make it as one of regular mode rather than API.