Continue Capture if ReadTimeout occurs


In case a ReadTimeout error occurs, it would be great to continue the capture.
- Perhaps leave gaps in the capture when ReadTimeouts occur
- Automatically re-start the capture upon a ReadTimeout error

For reference, please refer to the ReadTimeout error in the support article below:


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"ISSUE: I keep getting a ReadTimeout error during capture.

I am attempting to capture an I2C bus error so I have SCL on CH0, SDA on CH1 and a trigger signal on CH2 that goes high when the bus error occurs. The error only happens 4-6 times per day so I end up starting a trigger capture and monitoring it occasionally to see if the error has occurred. Just about every time (except for the rare occasion that the capture does catch the bus error), I get a ReadTimeout error. I tried several of your suggestions but due to the physical arrangement of my desktop PC and my test bench, I must go through a USB 3.0 hub.
1) I feel that the error occurs far to often to be a random occurrence and 2) each time I get the ReadTimeout error, I simply re-start the capture. I have an i7 PC with SSD so it runs fairly fast.

Please see if you can a) improve the capture so that the error does not occur or b) ** simply add a feature to automatically re-start the capture if a ReadTimeout occurs."