Automation API - Support Post Capture Functions


Original request in Ticket #77063:

"Specifically, beyond starting / starting and saving traces, what I really need to be able to do is automate analysis of user-captured traces in bug reports.

I see there is an API to load a capture, but there doesn’t seem to be much beyond that in terms of:

  • discovery of channels
  • discovery (and subsequent removal) of analyzers saved with the capture
  • modification of parameters for loaded analyzers
  • trimming a capture file

Are there any plans to make the automation API’s more post-processing friendly?

I realize there’s the add_analyzer API but as I read the docs I’d have to iterate through each combination of (undiscoverable) digital channels, load the analyzer with fixed settings and if that didn’t work, remove it, re-load with changed settings etc.

I suppose the iteration across all combos is possible, but it does require the discovery of digital channels in the capture. Is that available somewhere I’m not looking?"


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"I was wondering if the feature with trimming pre-trigger data is also on the roadmap? I am only interested in data, that is recorded after my trigger but in the current Logic2 version you are still limited to a 10 ms trim. That is quite a lot of file size overhead if you sample at a high rates and want to do it automatically with the python sdk."