Add triggers in loop recording


Hi guys, it would be very useful to get a STOP RECORDING ON TRIGGER option when using the loop recording option.

This way, I could leave the DUT and analyzer running for a long period (e.g. weeks) without babysitting everything. When that trigger is detected, it would stop recording data. Ideally, it would be nice if I was able to specify the amount of time to record the loop such as what you currently have in the 'trigger recording' option where you can spcify the amount of pre-buffer time...

Case and point: I currently have a random and very rare problem I cannot identify that causes my MCU to reboot after 5 minutes due to a problem that occured perhaps 1-3 minutes prior...

What I have done for now so that I can capture the fault on a trigger is that I modified my MCU firmware by toggling an unused pin 4 times at boot time. The analyzer is connected to the MCU data pins I am monitoring (where the problem occurs) but a third line from the analyzer is connected to that 'toggling pin'. I have set the software to record in trigger-mode so that it records only 1 second of data *after* the trigger but with an 8 minute *pre-recording* buffer. The MCU pins being monitored are the TX and RX pins tied to a modem... and the problem is with a message being exchanged with incorrect data but I don't know which one.

So when the software is setup and ready to use, I first have to boot the DUT then when it is up and running, I press the START button in the software. When the problem happens, as soon as the the MCU reboots, that new pin will toggle thus triggering the analyzer on the L-to-H transition and the recording will stop after 1 second while keeping the previous 8 minutes of pre-trigger data. I decided on 8 minutes because it will capture the 5 minutes where the modem is hung along with 3 minutes of messages on the TX/RX lines before it hung.

The problem with the "trigger-recording" option is that the memory amount is increasing in the bottom-right of the Logic app therefore if I leave the analyzer running over the week, I think I may run into memory problems (unless the Logic software stops the recording when it nears 100% but I don't want the software to stop recording)...

So if I was able to make the device record data in a non-stop loop mode and have it stop recording on a user-defined trigger signal, then (I think) the logic app would always use the same chunk of memory (since I presume the data is overwritten?)... then when the trigger happens, then the analyzer would stop recording and I'd have 8 minutes of data in that entire loop and the problem I am trying to catch would be somewhere in that chunk.

I have my logic app running right now and when I started it earlier this morning and by the time I was done checking my emails and writing to you, it's already at 140MB usage... and that's only for about 1 hour.